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Gifts for Hospital Patients- 6 Things You should Remember

1. Know The Right Address

While sending a gift to the hospital always we should have the right address. So many times it happens that the patient didn't received the gift reason being the wrong address. Always have the room number, department or ward number. For example, add ICU, Maternity Ward after the hospital's address.


2. Delivery Period

Make sure it's not getting delivered the same day the patient is getting discharge. Please order in advance to avoid these problems. 

Don't be surprised if your gift does not reach to the patient right when it is delivered. The staff often delivers all patient gifts at the same time.


3. Be Thoughtful About The Healthy Choices


A mix of fruit and savoury items would be the best choice for a hospital patient. Depending on their situation you can choose the items they might enjoy. 

It is always good to check with their close one if the patient has any diet restrictions or not?

Many hospitals have their diet instructions on their website.


4. Perishible Items May Spoil


Cheesecake might be their favourite but not the best gift to send a hospital patient. It is too risky to send a gift that could spoil.


5. Customer Service Can Help you


When in doubt, please call the gift company's customer service to place your order. They are experts in gift delivery and will know how to properly address your package.


6. Hospital Gift Restrictions


It is always a good idea to check on the hospital's website or call them to know their policies prior to make a purchase.